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Cook and Archuleta Vie for Idol Title

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NOT! (yet?) 🙂 This is just a prediction.

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An independent website dedicated to predicting winners of the contest shows it will be Cook and Archuleta on the Top 2. Check it here. DialIdol works by measuring the busy signal to predict who will be voted off. Their accuracy rate for American Idol 6’s prediction reached 91%. Apparently, this website has accurately predicted all Idol winners in the past. For this year’s final three, seems like David Cook is the front runner.

The final three contestants David Cook, David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado all did very well as they all battle for this year’s Idol title. Though spectators believe that not one contestant outdid the other, one would have to go. Who will it be? We will find out in hours.

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If you haven’t seen the top 3’s performances yet, you can watch them here. Posted are the three’s top performances for the night.

David Cook – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

David Archuleta – With You

Syesha Mercado – If I Ain’t Got You

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Photo courtesy of American Idol.


R. Kelly’s Child Pornography Trial

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With Reports from SunTimes. BY ERIC HERMAN AND KIM JANSSEN Staff Reporters

Questions about race, money and pornography dominated the first day of jury selection in the R. Kelly case Monday — a day in which lawyers picked the first three jurors.

Those jurors include an African-American woman whose husband is a Baptist pastor, a black man who identified himself as a Christian and a white executive who said he thinks Kelly is guilty.

In a small room behind Courtroom 500 of the Criminal Courts building, R&B superstar Kelly sat at a table with his lawyers, Judge Vincent Gaughan, two prosecutors, and a court reporter as potential jurors came in one by one.

The questions touched on media coverage of the case and whether people with money get a better deal in the justice system.

The white juror said he believed Kelly was guilty, but that he could give him a fair trial.

“I have two little kids,” the man said. “Child pornography is about as low as it gets.”

Kelly, 41, is charged with 14 counts of child pornography for allegedly videotaping himself having sex with a girl as young as 13. He has pleaded not guilty.

Kelly sat in silence during jury selection, staring at the table and occasionally dabbing his nose with a tissue. The singer nodded when Gaughan responded to the white male juror, “There’s no one in this room who condones child pornography.”

In all, lawyers interviewed 16 potential jurors, with 13 being dismissed.

The woman juror lives in Olympia Fields — where Kelly resides — but said she had not heard local gossip about the singer. Dressed conservatively in a gray suit and silver hoop earrings, the woman said her husband was active in the National Baptist Convention. She once pressed charges and got an order of protection against a mentally ill man who broke into her house, she said.

The black male juror said he had seen abuses on both sides of the justice system but that he could give Kelly a fair trial. Asked about pornography, he said, “I don’t like going to 7-11 and seeing it.”

The man said he did not know much about Kelly’s reputation or music, though he was familiar with the Kelly hit “I Believe I Can Fly.”

The white male juror told Gaughan his job as vice president of national accounts for an unnamed company would suffer if he is picked. He said he supervises nearly 40 people and travels regularly.

“Civic duty trumps work,” the man said. Still, he said, “It’s a detriment to my career.”

Gaughan asked the man to look Kelly in the eye and promise him a fair trial. When the man said he would be fair, Kelly nodded and mouthed the words, “all right.”

Race became an issue more than once. When prosecutors moved to dismiss two potential jurors who were black, defense lawyer Ed Genson objected.

Assistant state’s attorney Shauna Boliker noted that one of the potential jurors, a black woman, had seemed “star-struck” and had given “inappropriate” answers.

The woman, a postal worker, told Gaughan she thought Kelly was “a musical genius” and a “pied piper.” Asked if she knew anything negative about Kelly, the woman said, “He and [rapper] Jay-Z don’t get along.”

Gaughan said the prosecution’s moves were “race-neutral.” The postal worker was dismissed.

Earlier, a white woman said she was not sure she could be fair to a black defendant. The woman explained her daughter’s life had been threatened by a boyfriend of a different race.

Jury selection is expected to take a week. The lawyers will pick 16 panelists total — 12 jurors and four alternates.

Credits: SunTimes

Photo: USversusthem

Idol Update: Archuleta Dad, Out!

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American Idol sensation David Archuleta may have gotten a spot in the Top 3, but his dad, Jeff Archuleta got booted off the backstage. Producers of the show informed the senior Archuleta that he can no longer join his 17-year old son during rehearsals after he made an unauthorized lyric change to David’s “Stand By Me” performance during the Top 4 night. Despite the warnings from the management, Jeff still persuaded his son to modify the song’s lyrics by throwing off a line from the song “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston.

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Apparently, the meddlesome move of David’s father has cost A.I. a gazillion bucks of lawyers’ fees, and the producers aren’t happy about it.

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Sources say that Jeff Archuleta has been a total pain in the ass at rehearsals and backstage, interfering with the entire production. The 17 year old’s dad continuously pestered the crew including the band, producers and vocal coaches. More so, even some Idol contestants weren’t comfortable with the assertive dad’s presence during rehearsals and didn’t want him near them. Now their wish comes true.

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This isn’t the first time Jeff Archuleta got a backstage ban. Tagged as the “stage dad from hell”, rumors have it that he was also banned on the set of “Star Search” where David was a contestant a couple of years ago.

Aww… the lovable David must be feeling downhearted with what happened. But don’t worry dear, millions love you and your dad should be watching from the audience’ side for moral support. FYI: David wowed all three judges with his “Stand By Me” performance.

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Source: TMZ

Photo courtesy of American Idol.

Download and listen to David Archuleta’s rendition of Stand By Me at

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